Make Christmas fun again with these last-minute ideas

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Make Christmas fun again with these last-minute ideas

Let’s face it: Christmas is close. At this point, it’s practically around the corner, peeking out at us and marveling at our inability to simply PLAN AHEAD… even though it shows up, every year; same time, same place.

But never fear! If you need to pick up some gifts reeeal late, we’ve got you covered. Moondust is a one-stop shop for gifts and #treatyoself moments alike, so there’s plenty to pick up in a panic:

Purry goodness awaits! Treat your loved one to a cat mug (black or white), cat socks, cat pen… the list goes on. Want a cat collared shirt? Sure thing. How about a kitty calendar? Of course! We are really into cats and there’s tons of cat merch to marvel at — and really, can you ever go wrong with a feline-tastic gift? (No.)

Shopping for artists can be hard… the textures! The colours! The pressure! But it just so happens you can pick up socks with the finest masterpieces printed on them… and call it a day. Yep, Mona Lisa, Botticelli’s Venus and more classics are now available in sock form, and they really do compliment any outfit.

If your gift recipient is more of a photographer, snatch up the camera lens cup — so convincing, people may just give them strange looks when they’re trying to enjoy their morning coffee. Part of the fun!

If you know someone who’s into unicorns, Moondust have unicorns. Lots of ‘em. Unicorn headbands, mugs, bum bags… the list goes on. What can I say, unicorns are so hot right now!

If the cosmos is more their thing, there’s a bunch of astrological bits n’ bobs. In particular, zodiac constellation necklaces are a sweet and personal gift, and are an elegant way to display any woo-woo tendencies your loved one may have.

If all else fails, go with a gorgeous moon necklace, which is as moody and mysterious as we aspire to be.

I’m into Korean beauty in a big way, and if you’re shopping for someone similar, then they’ll love a lil’ summin’ summin’ kawaii. Etude House and Tony Moly are some of the cult Korean beauty brands we stock, and in particular the Panda’s Dream Hand Cream has been a hit, as well as the adorable Tony Moly fruit lip balms. Doesn’t get any cuter!

May I also suggest some locally made Cookie Moo bath bomb goodness? And not just any bathbombs… CUPCAKE bath bombs. Truly unbeatable!

Got one of those people who’s “hard to buy for”? Give ‘em some pop culture with one of these fabulous Ex-Girlfriend’s Rebellion mugs, perfect for injecting some fun into Monday morning coffee breaks.

If you’re really in a bind, and even God can’t save you now… why not give the gift of choice? I’m a BIG fan of gift vouchers: simple, easy to carry, and completely takes the pressure off you. Win-win!
Meow-y Christmas to all!