Magic Men – up close with Melbourne’s very own ‘Channing’

Magic Men – up close with Melbourne’s very own ‘Channing’

If you saw the movies and not-so-secretly hoped someone would make it a reality, you’re not alone.

Melbourne’s Magic Men is tempting, flirtatious and exciting, bringing the phenomenon of Magic Mike, Fifty Shades of Grey and others to life with a high-energy and breathtaking lavish experience unlike any other.

Inspired by the hit movie, Will Parfitt is an almost identical look-alike to Channing Tatum (star of the hit movie Magic Mike), and is just one of the Magic Men heading to Geelong’s Sphinx this weekend.

Originally from England, ‘Channing’ fell into the male entertainment industry almost three years ago after moving to Melbourne.

“I didn’t go looking for it, it just happened,” Will laughs. “I used to like going out clubbing and I bumped into a club promoter and he kept calling me Channing all night, and then he introduced me to all his friends as Channing, which I just rolled with for the night, and then next minute he introduces me to Carlos who owns Magic Men and it all just happened like that. It’s so random.”

Within the interactive show, each Magic Man has the body, the moves, personality and the charisma to excite and delight, and before you know it you’re up there with your own Magic Man dancing your heart out. Admittingly starting out with little to no professional dance experience, Will’s weekends with Magic Men over the past few years have turned him into one of the most popular requests, with his stage name influencing his dance and stripper style.

With regular routine practices, a massive dedicated fan-base and a group of talented guys all working together, Will is all part of a team creating one hell of a show.

“There’s a couple of the guys who are pretty good dancers. Jax, he is really good and he comes up with new stuff all the time and then Johnny helps some of the boys mix their routines. We also do our research and watch our stripper movies,” he laughs. “Everyone also has day jobs and things going on, we try to catch up at least once or twice a week for different rehearsals so we can just change things up a bit.”

Between spending downtime at the gym with the guys and counting down to the weekends, Will refers to his stripper colleagues as a type of family.

“We are all really good friends. As I’m from England, it took me a while to get to know people when I moved to Melbourne, but Magic Men just sort of helped me make some really good mates,” Will explains, sharing that the best times in the business are actually when the guys go on tours together, performing in new places.

“When we do the privates, we would normally just rock up to them on our own but when we do the tours, all the boys get together and we try our new group routines that we practice and stuff so the tours are the most fun when all the boys are together.”

Working Monday to Friday as a removalist, and turning it up on the weekends as Channing, you can be assured that Will and his fellow Magic Men will make your ladies night one to remember. Round up the girls, leave the men at home and ‘feel the magic’.

When & Where: The Sphinx, Geelong – August 25

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