Magic Bones Album Preview Tour

Magic Bones Album Preview Tour

Who would have thought a mix of hardcore punk-rock with a ’60s infusion would be the ingredients to something wonderful… But for everyone at the Magic Bones concert, it was quite literally ‘music to their ears’.

Of course supporting Magic Bones, was the High as Hell three-piece clan who promised loud, heavy, ear-bleeding music and that was exactly what they delivered. After a hardcore hour, the boys from Jelly Mammoth stepped in and delivered so much more than just your average rock band.
These self-described ‘stoner rock dudes’ showed off their mad dancing skills as they passionately sung, or screamed (which ever you prefer) their ‘crazy loud’ lyrics.

A definite highlight was the their final song, in which lead singer Unx moulded with the crowd and danced away in the mosh to the clapping of an absolutely adoring crowd.

But after this was time for the truly magical Magic Bones, who from their first single, which was released in March this year, ‘Hotter than the Sun’, rocked and rocked and did not stop. From the moment the foursome took to the stage, there was an applause that could be heard from miles away.

Their first song ‘Hotter than the Sun’ was loud, yet accompanied by the perfect dance tune which had the crowd moving already. It was the perfect mix of upbeat lyrics and hardcore groovy tunes, which absolutely encapsulated the crowd!

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Another definite highlight was the atmosphere when Magic Bones played their third song ‘Close to You’. Personally, this song seemed like an absolute crowd pleaser. It was loud, dancy, yet screamed “I’m in a punk band”! And I think the crowd agreed. The lyrics were perfectly moulded with the guitar and drums and it was the perfect tune to rile up the crowd and remind them why they were here.

As the band continued to play some truly memorable tunes, it was their final song ‘Devil’ which was an absolute show stopper. I don’t believe there was one person in the room who was sitting down as the groovy guys from Magic Bones performed this track. The song itself was the perfect recipe of hardcore garage rock with a ’60s infusion, and was the perfect send off for what was an amazing show.

If you were lucky enough to get on down to the show on Friday night, I’m sure you had no regrets and to those who didn’t go, I’m sure you do.

When: Friday July 14
Where: Kubu Studio, Geelong
Supports: Jelly Mammoth, High As Hell
Reviewed by Ruby Cairns