Made with love, Crublet Macarons is bringing the French classic to your doors with an Aussie twist

Made with love, Crublet Macarons is bringing the French classic to your doors with an Aussie twist

Words by Jessica Magtalas

Every sweet tooth's dream.

All the way from France, these sweet and delicate cookies are not a treat to miss. Oh, so flavourful cookies coupled with various flavours, Crublet Macarons is bringing an Aussie fusion to the traditional dessert.

Born and raised in France, local chef and Crublet Macarons founder Paul Crublet maintains the French technique by composing beautifully crafted macarons motivated by his love for food and humble beginnings.

“When I was a kid, I was always behind the kitchen to watch and help my mum and grandmothers make dinner. Naturally I was surrounded by food all my life. I was making traditional French recipes like bread, cakes and pastries with my family at dinner time, so my passion for the cuisine is very important to me, as well as my duty to satisfy my customers, friends and family,” says Paul.

Once his twenty-first birthday hit, Paul faced the real world and decided to expand his experiences and take in a new language, inspiring a move down under. Having resided and worked in Australia for the past few years, this local chef is now expanding our knowledge of what we know as authentic French macarons, bringing people together – both young and old – and transporting them back to their childhood with these nostalgic sweets.

Paul Crublet

Using the freshest, high quality ingredients and a recipe all the way from France, all Paul’s macarons are made with love, from scratch. It’s the flavours though that have our hearts with Crublet Macarons reinventing the taste by bringing a modern spin to the cookie we all know and love. Setting themselves apart from the original recipe with their abundance of flavours to choose from, Paul keeps the unique colouring of his macarons, replacing the bright artificial look we have grown to recognise.

With ten comforting flavours on offer, you’ll find ‘Caramilky’ with a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate ganache very tasty; the ‘Chocolate Lover’ with a creamy dark chocolate ganache center, surrounded by two macarons; ‘Pista Creamy’ made up of beautiful pistachio paste with cream chesse and sprinkle of crushed pistachio; and a ‘Mad Caramel’ macaron, complete with caramel sauce with French flower salt called fleur de sel. Other mouthwatering flavours include a lemon curd meringue, passion fruit buttercream, Snickers, Strawberry jam cheesecake, Toblerone and a Twix.

With a love for creating new flavours, Paul will introduce a new collection with unique flavours to tempt the taste buds as the seasons change, keeping his offering fresh and most importantly, delicious. And did we mention that you can get them vegan and gluten free too?

Inspired to create a business since starting cookery and hospitality back in France, this is a business spawned from the pandemic – an unfortunate time that ignited this journey.

“I decided to create this macaron company because of COVID-19. It made me realise that I needed to step up in my life and start a new business,” he explains.

“I was always passionate about cooking and loved the idea of finishing a meal with a nice dessert. So, I got the idea to create Crublet Macarons by using my last name like a famous bakery in France – La Maison Ladurée, and now I get to introduce more Australians to enjoy my desserts anywhere with an affordable price too,” he continues.


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Go on, treat yourself or someone you love with some macarons!

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