Made in China

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Made in China

GUIGUISUISUI may well become your favourite music-maker out of China. Combing elements of blues, punk, rock, hip hop, noise and 8-bit music, GUIGUISUISUI is the talents of zombie bluesman GUIGUISUISUI, his master and tormenter, King Necro, and his alter-ego, the self-absorbed rap-rock demigod, Lord Kamemameha. So as not to confuse matters, GUIGUISUISUI is just one man in three parts – DIY superstar Dann Gaymer. Originally from the UK, the GUIGUISUISUI show has been on the road since 2012, popping up in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. If a house was built to home the hardest-working DIY musicians, GUIGUISUISUI would have a room all to himself. In 2014 alone he performed over 100 shows across five tours in six countries. He also released a very impressive two albums and four EPs. When it comes to live shows, backing beats composed on a circuit-bent Gameboy or else sampled from vintage video games and use of ‘The Diddly Board’, King Necro’s one-stringed skateboard guitar, are familiar themes. If you want to get a little more familiar with the man behind the curtain, hit up The Bridge, Castlemaine – January 24. Joining the chaos will be Ghost Notes and Xiao Zhong (Pairs).