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Lurch & Chief

Every now and then on a family trip, it’s natural for someone to get left behind. And it’s reassuring to see that even as a band on tour, this same factor can – and did – come into play when singer Lilibeth Hall was left behind.
“That was maybe a couple of years ago and we had a gig around Kings Cross and baby Lil got left behind, somehow the head count wasn’t quite accurate,” Lilibeth adds with a laugh.
“But they definitely heard about it for a while. We laugh about it now and it’s actually quite funny. There’s six of us so we always seem to leave someone behind, but we always get this feeling where – even if all of us are there – we go, ‘Is someone missing?’”
As proof of their functionality as a band, Lurch & Chief have just released a new EP Breathe that – aside from being a great listen – was written in the beautiful surrounds of the Grampians and showcases their development as musicians.
“It was really beautiful and I feel like wherever you’re writing your environment has a bit to do with how the songs turn out. There were these beautiful open spaces and you’d walk out and see a bloody emu in the back paddock and kangaroos and the mountains – so it was pretty gorgeous,” she says.
“At the same time we were in this run down shack with a lot of bugs and it gets really hot during the day so we’d kind of sweat it out during the day then freeze overnight. It was like 12 hour days of doing the set, then dedicating time to writing one song and then moving on and back to other things and it was a really cool process.”
The hard work more than paid off, and realising their success – and just looking for a good time – the band took to celebrating its completion with their producer.
“We had a night out with our producer, who’s notoriously anonymous, but Lindsay [Gravina] is great. We’re all very professional and we have a lot of respect for each other. I think as long as you’ve got that then occupational drinking is okay,” Lilibeth says with a smile.
“But he’s a great guy and he’s been almost a mentor I guess and been a really big influence on us over our bands lifetime thus far.”
Clearly whether the bands relationships were created on a professional standing or something more friendly, there’s a comfortableness that’s evident in all of them.
Even on-tour antics exhibited by Lilibeth with fellow band mates are signs of a well formed group that you’d want to share a few drinks with at the pub.
“I do reach a certain point on long car trips, I think it’s usually about an hour before we’re meant to get back to our accommodation, where I just lose it and I turn into a child and I just start annoying whoever is closest around me,” she laughs.
“Like physically annoying, just poking, hysterically laughing and making absolutely low-brow ridiculous jokes – hellish.”
Whatever happens on the road you can be sure that the six-piece are more than up for a drink with fans, perhaps you’ll get your chance to cure the band’s feeling of always leaving someone behind and join as their seventh member.
When & Where: The Workers Club, Geelong – May 8, Howler, Melbourne – May 9, Karova Lounge, Ballarat – May 14 & The Loft, Warrnambool – May 16
Written by Amanda Sherring