Lunatics on Pogosticks: Slug Cat and Snail Dog

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Lunatics on Pogosticks: Slug Cat and Snail Dog

Back with another release, the 2013 Unearthed High Competition winners have really honed in on their style. And they’ve done it from playing at Falls Festival, Live It Up Festival and supporting British India, Dune Rats and Grinspoon.
Opening track ‘Less Than Sober’ was lucky enough to receive significant airplay on triple j, and if there’s anything that’s come from the track it’s the cementing idea that these guys are a teen band. That’s not to say their grunge rock style doesn’t deserve praise, but with lyrics surrounding a girl it just reeks of teenage problems.
‘Blood Clot’ is the obvious favourite on the EP as it just so happens to be the cleanest. With a steady drumbeat, poppy riffs and perfectly timed vocals, the track shows just what the band is capable of.
Maybe not as clean, but equally amazing, ‘Picasso’s Saddest Love’ is the kind of thing you’d pump while in the basement jumping on your mum’s favourite couches. The guitar riff that breaks up the song could replace the whole track and I’d be perfectly happy. In this track the band has managed to master the art of knowing exactly when to hold back, which can be a hard feat for even the most famous of bands.
Aside from all I’ve mentioned, you still come away from listening to Slug Cat and Snail Dog with a cheesy grin on your face. It forces you, in the best kind of way, to relive your lustful teenage years to a pretty decent grunge rock release.
By Amanda Sherring