Luluc Passing You By

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Luluc Passing You By

As you read this, the lush indie-folk sounds of Luluc (pronounced Loo-Luke, should it ever come up) are being played out to crowds in Canada and the US. And it is being done so in support of J Mascis, no less. But don’t worry, your time is coming. Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett are the souls behind this quiet folk duo. Passerby is the name of their second album, and their first for Sub Pop. It comes six years after their debut. Double J summed up their review of the album with: “With a record like Passerby, the virtue of patience is invaluable. Listen to it now, but take some time to savour it.” The Bridge, Castlemaine – November 27 & Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs – November 30.