Lucy Wise: Winter Sun

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Lucy Wise: Winter Sun

The first impression I had listening to this CD was that Lucy was channelling Jean Ritchie, the famed Appalachian singer, and was not surprised to find a mention of those influences in the accompanying notes. It has the same clarity of voice and melodic accomplishment, even if the subject matter is from the other side of the planet.
Winter Sun is the third studio release from Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Lucy Wise. It explores themes of love, joy and sadness, friendships and the relationships people form with their environment, and shows a strong artistic development since her last release back in 2015.
The album was produced and recorded by Nick Huggins at his seaside studio just down the road in Point Lonsdale, and features guest appearances from Justin Bernasconi (electric guitar), Rowena Wise (backing vocals), John Flanagan (backing vocals), Justin Olsson (drums), Mischa Herman (accordion) and Isaac Gunnoo (double bass).
It’s the second CD I have recently reviewed which has an ode to Merri Creek! This is an interesting trend. My pick is Wild Roses, a lovely ballad, featuring that voice soaring above the music. Lucy is back in Victoria after her national tour. Her only Geelong appearance on tour was at a house party. She would be a draw at a public venue.
Reviewed by John “Dr John” Lamp