Love of Diagrams

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Love of Diagrams

It’s no secret I love me some indie-rock! If you feel the same and haven’t heard about Love of Diagrams, please read on. The Melbourne based three-piece personify everything we love here at Forte Mag – the independent spirit, a DIY ethos, but above all they know how to put on a show. LoD are Antonia Sellbach (vox/bass), Luke Horton (vox/guitar) and Monika Fikerie (drums). After more than a decade of non-stop gigging, LoD have paid their dues, earning them the reputation as one of Melbourne’s best live bands.
Not content to rest on their laurels, LoD decided to pack up and head to the States, a place that has become like a second home. There awaited the chance to work with legendary musician/producer turned friend, Steve Albini.
“We’re currently mastering our fourth album. We recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago last year and the experience was incredible!” confessed LoD’s Antonia Sellbach. “He’s someone that I’ve always wanted to work with. I really love Pod, the album that he recorded for The Breeders. I love the really harsh, clanging sound that he gets. His records are always so raw and I love that. He’s a really great guy and he dug the music! To us, that meant a lot.”
LoD have spent a considerable time in the States, resulting in some valuable networking opportunities. “We seem to have had a good reception over there so we keep going back, and we’ve met some great people.
“The reason we got to work with Steve is because he plays in Shellac with Bob Weston. We worked with Bob on Mosaic, our second album. We’ve met some incredible people over there, but I have to say it’s always really expensive and it’s so easy to rack up costs. It was pretty intense though because we stayed at the studio for a fortnight and worked every single day – really long hours. In the end we basically ran out of money and had to come home to save more! That’s why the album has taken so long to come out, but it was definitely a labour of love and hopefully it will be out very soon.”
Until then you can catch Antonia and LoD, along with heaps of other stellar bands, at WONDERLUXE, Saturday, June 28, hosted by Geelong’s very own home of live music, The Barwon Club.
“We love it down there. You’ve got a really strong music community and it seems like a well-organised event. That’s the reason we’re happy to be playing,” Antonia said excitedly. “Also, it’s a rare chance to see us, because we haven’t been playing around much as we’ve been so focused on finishing the record. We used to play every weekend at one point; from now until then we’ll spend a lot of time in our rehearsal studio.
“Love of Diagrams fans have probably been wondering why the record hasn’t come out yet and are probably curious about what the new material sounds like – some of the tracks haven’t been played live yet. It’s a perfect opportunity to check us out! I think it’s a special show.”
When&Where: The Barwon Club, Geelong – June 28
Written by Natalie Rogers