Love Grows & Love Flows: These tees are giving back to the people who need it most

Love Grows & Love Flows: These tees are giving back to the people who need it most

Words by Alice McDonald

Your new favourite tee comes with a special message.

Taking in the inspirational side of the natural scenery of the Surf Coast, alongside the aspirational side of all the talented businesses of the area, founder of Yogi Peace Club Emma Barr has created a female-oriented environment for a brand whose sole goal is to “make people happy.” From the moment you step onto your yoga mat, Barr wants you to feel inspired by the colours and patterns of her brand – no matter who you are.

Sounds great right? Now combine that with one of Torquay’s most promising emerging artists Jenna Hutchinson or also known as Love Ludie, and you have an impactful and visually stunning piece of clothing/art.

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Barr from Yogi Peace Club is constantly driven by the community and does everything in her power to give back. From donating portions of all proceeds to Carbon Positive – a not-for-profit initiative that plants native Australian trees, to this latest product the Love Flows and Love Grows tee giving 10% of proceeds to the Andrew Love Cancer Centre, something very close to Jenna Hutchinson’s heart. After losing her father in 2012, Hutchinson wanted to create something to say thanks to all the wonderful staff and patients at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre in Geelong.

“We are so excited to finally be able to share our very exciting collaboration with local artist, Jenna Hutchison,” Barr says.

We wanted to collaborate with Jenna to inspire yogis to follow their creative dreams and give back to a cause close to Jenna’s heart by donating 10% of proceeds from this collaboration to The Andrew Love Cancer Centre in Geelong.

“We hope that through this collaboration we can support the beautiful team of heroes that give back to those dealing with Cancer in our community and their loved ones.”

The Yogi Peace Club X Love Ludie collab is all about expressing Hutchinson’s feminine side. From the colour palette chosen to the artwork and words, Hutchinson has made this tee as personal as the message that comes along with it. In a boyfriend style fit, you’ll feel extra comfy in these tees.

If you need a little more motivation to help the cause, hop on over to Love Ludie’s dreamy instagram for some inpsirtaion.

YPC’s main mission is a mission of sustainability.

What makes their partnership with Carbon Positive all the more inspiring is the fact that Carbon Positive acquires the land they plant the tree on for 25 years. These trees are guaranteed to be looked after and not killed or destroyed. The yoga mats are what stood out the most to me. Made from a base of natural tree rubber, Barr’s yoga mats are unlike most mats on the market made out of the incredibly harmful plastic PBC. You can always have piece of mind wearing Barr’s products and also feel like the most stylish in your yoga class.

When asked about Barr’s proudest achievement with this company, she gave the surprising answer that “nothing is ever returned”. The recycled fabrics YPC uses are of such high quality that these products last years and years and never lose their shape. This is what makes YPC stand out – they care about their products and pay extra for them to be made ethically, sustainably and are therefore built to last wear after wear.

I personally would style the Love Grows and Love Flows tee exactly like this with a pair of these.

To purchase, make your way to the Yogi Peace Club’s website. While you’re at it, check out Hutchinson’s  other collabs and upcoming projects.