Love a good snack pack? Here’s where to find some of Victoria’s best HSPs

Love a good snack pack? Here’s where to find some of Victoria’s best HSPs

Words by Brandon Davis

HSP lovers, don't miss these standout kebab spots!

Though inspired by a variety of traditional Mediterranean cuisines, the HSP is first and foremost considered an Australian dish. The beloved combination of meat, chips, sauces and vegetables was first popularised in Sydney, and has since spread to nearly every kebab shop in the country.

As someone who has travelled abroad quite a bit, I can tell you they don’t serve this kind of thing anywhere else – it’s Aussie born and bred. It’s a unique and delicious dish that represents Australia’s cultural diversity, and of course, our hunger for innovation!

With that said, here are some of the best HSPs you can find across Geelong and the Surf Coast!

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Corio King

Tucked away in the quiet suburbs of Corio, this kebab shop and milk bar combo has perfected their HSP craft since gracing Geelong more than two decades ago. This family-owned and operated business has adapted and thrived over the years, becoming somewhat of a legend in the eyes of local regulars, or simply anyone passing through in need of a hearty bang-for-your-buck lunch.

The staff recommend a crowd-pleasing combo of chilli, barbecue and garlic sauces, jalapenos for some extra spice, and some shaved lettuce/tabouleh for a burst of freshness!

Head instore from 11:00am-8:30pm every day to check out their menu!

Kebabs on High

Although somewhat of a newcomer in the Geelong HSP scene, this place is a game-changer according to the Belmont/Newcomb crowd. They’re best known for their crispy, lightly seasoned chips and deliciously fresh kebab meats, with their helpful, friendly staff to keep things running smoothly.

Presentation is key for Kebabs on High, and not just for the food. The restaurant’s dining area is one of the most visually striking takes on a kebab shop you’ll see. Featuring sleek black interiors and punctuated with retro neon signs, it’s definitely a league above the rest – if that’s your style, that is!


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KebabG is another venue that brings more than just delicious food to the table. Sandstone arches are decorated with splashes of Mediterranean scenery. Enhanced with warm, Turkish-inspired light fixtures and interiors, this place has an unforgettable atmosphere.

Locals love this venue’s massive portion sizes and high-quality ingredients. While the HSPs here are exceptional, their robust menu offers dozens of traditional Turkish dishes, from platters, salads, soups, homemade dips, deserts, and of course, kebabs. It’s this dedication to authentic, delicious cuisine that has regulars coming back for more.

Check out their delicious menu here!

Mustafa’s Kebabs

If there’s one kebab shop that has become a household name among Geelong HSP lovers, it’s Mustafa’s. They’re best known for serving the Geelong CBD’s bustling nightlife; they’re everyone’s favourite respite after a big night out. The CBD provides a lot of options when it comes to kebabs and HSPs, but people keep coming back to Mustafa’s for their reliability. They’re a great all-rounder, and their baklava is especially to die for!

The folks at Mustafa’s love to keep in touch with their die-hard fans, sharing updates, customer-submitted pictures and even memes to their socials. Stay up to date by following them on Instagram!


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Bill’s Mediterranean Café

Known for having some of the tastiest chips in Torquay, Bill’s Mediterranean Café offers large serving sizes with great value. Just a short stroll from Torquay’s foreshore, these HSPs are the perfect cherry-on-top to a long day at the beach. Definitely keep an eye out for this one come summertime!

There’s more than just kebabs and HSPs, too. They stock a wide variety of other fried goods, including potato wedges, onion rings, potato cakes and more. You can even grab a burger – there really is something for everyone here!

Portz Kebab & Grill

Portz Kebab & Grill is another more modern take on your traditional kebab shop. This Ocean Grove favourite features sleek black tiles and vintage-style light fixtures, creating a straightforward, laid-back, and overall inviting atmosphere.

According to dozens of online reviews, this is some of the best that regional Victoria has to offer in terms of great-tasting Mediterranean cuisine. While the menu itself is pretty standard, they offer a large variety of sauces and dips to keep things fresh and exciting. The standout menu item is their amazing vegan meat alternative that critics say is just as good, if not better, than the real thing!

Check out their online menu here!

Honourable mention: Kebabman Geelong East

The mega HSP. Just wow.