LOVA; Sweden's best pop export

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LOVA; Sweden's best pop export

19-year-old Swedish singer, songwriter and producer LOVA, aka Lova Alvilde, is already making waves in her homeland and is set to cause a stir internationally after releasing her debut EP Scripted Reality. Fueled with personal thoughts, vulnerabilities and social criticisms, LOVA’s music is minimalistic, organic pop that feels truly universal.
Hi Lova, thanks for chatting to Forte! Just a bit of a backstory, how did you get into music?
I started writing music when I was seven. I’ve always liked to sing and I used to play the piano, but writing music was my way of expressing myself because I was really shy and always stood in the background when I was younger. Music was my way of getting my thoughts and opinions on paper, and really say what I wanted to say. I then started learning playing some instruments and I went to music school for several years and participated in competitions. It was after all that, that I understood that I love every part of this, I love being back stage, I love being on stage, I love interviews, I love the whole she-bang! I had to do it, there was no stopping me after that.
The EP Scripted Reality seem to cover themes of today’s society and socials pressures, what influenced these themes?
I’ve been writing since I was little, and I always wanted to write about bigger subjects than just love, and write about things that have been prevalent in my life; things that have affected my friends and the pressures they have – especially social media. It’s been such a huge factor of my generation and you can see how that affects people, basically for the worst most of the time. It was so very natural to write about all these things.
And are these pressures and observations coming from personal experience as well?
Definitely. I was super insecure, it all started for me being super shy, and really insecure about how I look, not being smart enough, not being good enough, and it stemmed from social media and the comments people would make.
You’ve also said you want to be a role model for younger girls, in what sort of way?
When I was younger it was so hard to find words to explain your emotions and feelings; you felt so many things but didn’t really know how to figure out the words to it. I always relied on music during that time. I look back on lyrics and songs that inspired me, or that I could relate to and identity with. That gave me so much comfort to know there were other people feeling the same thing; there’s someone who could explain exactly what you felt. I want to be one of those people, someone who can help people be more honest with themselves and other people, I want to be a person people can relate to and give hope and motivation and inspire people for the better – that would be the greatest accomplishment of all time.
Release: ‘Scripted Reality’ is out now via Universal Music
Check her video below of ‘Insecurities’