Louise Love: Tantric Shuffle

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Louise Love: Tantric Shuffle

Louise Love has just released her new EP Tantric Shuffle and, if I’m completely honest with you, the electro drum beat hooks me from the start, however, I cannot erase the memory of John Oates’ moustache for some reason. There is just something about that drum sample that reminds me of Hall and Oates. That said though on ‘Get Back’, you are introduced to an electro sound that is sure to pave the way for more delicious electronic Australian music in 2016. The beats and synth part in ‘Best Lies’ sounds a little like one of the songs that Vince and Howard sing in The Mighty Boosh – which is a good thing because that sparks many happy memories of my childhood.

‘Soft Loop’ opens with this addictive and mesmerising beat once again that showcases there is change coming in the Australian electro world. If you like unpredictable dance music that’s independent and full of soul, then you should definitely check out Tantric Shuffle. A definite contender for breakthrough album or EP of the year and mark my words, Louise Love is bound for big things. Tantric Shuffle is only the beginning…

Out independently
Reviewed by Tex Miller