Lou Wall – ‘Bleep Bloop’

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Lou Wall – ‘Bleep Bloop’

Multi Green Room Award winner and cabaret sensation Lou Wall has written their debut pop album … but all of the songs turned out, well, a bit #quirky … so now it’s a comedy show!

Britney gave us ‘Toxic’, Beethoven gave us Symphony No.5, and Ginuwine gave us the R’n’B smash hit, ‘Pony’. Lou brings you their magnum opus, a pop-culture comedy album about life’s biggest BLEEPS and smallest bloops. Now, what is a Bleep Bloop? Some would call it, “the epitome of a bad idea”, Lou’s mum would call it, “a f***ing S*** S***”, but Lou calls it a bleep bloop; a bad, yet in retrospect, iconic, decision.

In their first non-thematic comedy hour, Wall delivers an hour of their most intimate, regretful, and iconic personal anecdotes. Expect stories about Facebook Marketplace showdowns, rescuing a croissant from a drain with the SES and getting fined for swimming in the NGV fountain. This is Lou Wall at their most candid.

A raucous night of pop bangers, high energy meta-comedy, breath taking ballads and gossip. Featuring original songs including ‘Short King’, ‘Gays Are Always Late’ and ‘Facebook Marketplace: The Musical’, Wall is officially making musical comedy cool again.