Lou Doillon: Lay Low

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Lou Doillon: Lay Low

Lou Doillon is known across the world for different things, for her work on theater stages, on independent cinema sets, in front of the camera and most recently behind and instrument and microphone as she shared with us her musical talents back in 2012 with her debut.

She follows that release up with Lay Low and it’s a somber, sultry affair. There’s something about Lou’s deep brooding vocals that are a change to the norm. It gives her a level of intensity that rarely heard in music of today, and with intensity you can’t help but listen to every breath. Instrumentally the songs have a slight jazz feel but with an overall blues-folk sound, felt more in the latter of the release.

‘Above My Head’, ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘So Still’ are highlights, and each slightly different from the other. Ironically, ‘So Still’ is the slowest of the tracks, and is a nice contemplative number to close up the release. Really, the whole 11 tracks are so soothing that it’s an album to listen to if you have some serious thinking to do in life.  

Out via Cartell Music
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring