LOSER’s debut Mindless Joy is infectious and worth listening to

LOSER’s debut Mindless Joy is infectious and worth listening to

Loser opens their debut album with the nostalgic rock sound they have quickly become known for.

The guitar and drums heavy songs blast and make you get up and rock out.

But three songs deep, the contrasting’ Erase Me’ begins and you rethink your assumptions about the five-piece band.

The soft-rock and raw track opens up with the cutting “holding onto something broken” and immediately you know this band is something different.

Throughout the 12-track album, the Melbourne band opens up about mental health. It becomes evident the album’s title Mindless Joy is in fact referring to the fake happiness so many of us get from looking at the device in the palm of our hands rather than the wider world. Loser has spoken many times about these issues and their songs beautifully captivate these feelings. There’s something truly remarkable about Loser’s ability to talk about serious issues while simultaneously make their listeners want to rock out.

The band continuously builds momentum throughout their tracks and they have a wonderful way of echoing the vocals through the electric guitar.

The last two tracks are my personal favourites. ‘Middle of Nowhere’ and ‘Dopamine’ bring the album full circle. Both are ridiculously well written and give me all the 90’s rock vibe.

The boy’s music is infectious and their words are worth listening to. Grab your copy to Loser’s Mindless Joy on February 14.

Domestic La La
Reviewed by Kim Price