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Lorne Film

Have you ever thought there might be something missing from your experience at the cinemas? You walk in, popcorn in hand, and sit down to watch the movie. You might laugh or cry, but once the credits roll you lift yourself out of the seat and head back home. While this is pretty much the peak of what your movie experience will be, a few times a year we’re graced with the film festival: several days of events, socialisation and, of course, good films.
Back for its second year is Lorne Film. Held over a weekend, the festival boasts not only good films but a handful of events as well. This year sees a youth filmmaking event, a live rehearsed screenplay reading and an opening night Hawaiian-themed party all gracing the program.
“We have all these events and what these events will do is create a true festival community, so people can come to Lorne and become part of this community for the duration of the weekend,” Director Darren Markey says.
It takes a lot of work to develop a program this impressive and with just a few weeks out from the event, Darren is still fine-tuning various aspects of the festival. One day he’ll be changing online ticketing, the next he’ll be talking to industry professionals.
“As the director I have my finger in every Lorne film pie, so to speak,” he says with a laugh. Though Darren wouldn’t have it any other way, as before the program was created last year it had been on his mind for over a decade.
“A friend a couple of years ago mentioned, ‘You really love film and you really love Lorne, have you ever thought of a film festival in Lorne?’” Darren says.
“She kind of got me going and I ran the idea by a couple of people down there who were also influential locals and I thought if I get it past them it’s got a chance. They jumped on it and said that it’s a great idea, and it’s just snowballed from there really.”
With a passion for film, including both writing and watching, and of course a love for Lorne, it was only natural that Darren was the best man for the job. Thanks to him and the team the first year saw 29 films show over five screens and four venues.
This year will run much the same, with Darren listing Damnation, Final Hours and Riding Giants amongst the films that you must see.
“The official opening night film [Out in the Line-Up] is a fantastic film. It follows the story of two surfers who happen to be gay and that push the cause of surfers being able to come out and speak about their sexuality on the professional pro circuit,” he says.
“It’s so well done that it actually transcends its subject matter. By exploring a theme or a subject that might divide us in our sexuality it actually reminds us all what about us is the same.”
It’s only natural that a few of the highlight films feature surfing and the ocean, something that Darren loves, though not quite as much as films.
“I don’t actually surf but I love surfing films … I often say that my feet are too far from my brain. I love surfing films and I never tire of the film Riding Giants,” Darren says.
“We describe Lorne, and we’re not the only ones, as the jewel in the Surf Coast. We’ll always have content that reflects not just surf but the ocean as well.”
Though don’t think for a moment that the program is restricted only to films that encompass either surfing or the ocean. There are so much more great films worth seeing, and as Darren states, they simply look for good films.
“People often ask what kind of films we’re looking for and I say good films and ones that will entertain. We want films that have a respect for storytelling and that will engage with the Lorne film patronage,” he says.
With good films on the program and engaging events tailored to locals, it seems that Lorne Film is destined to be a big thing, and one that everyone should get on board with.
“We are going to become large. It’s going to become an international event. And it’s not often that people can say that they were there from the start in the early days,” Darren says.
The most obvious way to do this is simply from attending, though there are foundation memberships that are also available to a limited 300 people. Aside from gaining free access to all events, it will give you the ultimate claim to supporting the event early on. Visit ticketworks.com.au/?festival=LFF2014 to purchase tickets.
When&Where: Lorne – November 13-16
By Amanda Sherring