Loon Lake: Low Res

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Loon Lake: Low Res

It’s really quite bittersweet knowing that this is likely to be the last time you’ll ever indulge in a Loon Lake release. That’s it. Finite. The band is putting the Loon Lake name back on the shelf. Good thing is, this is an album that you’ll want to sit up alongside the band name and admire for many years to come.
It’s almost as if with no more expectations or care for what this release would do for their career, the band has let go – unveiling the grungiest garage pop-rock the band has ever produced. ‘Just Now’ is the catchy hit that you’ve already heard on the radio with a guitar riff that rumbles throughout the whole track and breaks at the perfect moments. The level of intensity is matched throughout the rest the whole of the album.
‘Dark Black Eyes’ is a favourite for its harmonised vocals, ‘Blue Skies’ for its slow burning nature and ‘Winona Ryder’ as, well, much like its namesake there’s a lot to love. Farewell sweet Loon Lake, you’ll be missed.
Out now independently
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring