Looking Good on a Student Budget

Looking Good on a Student Budget

Student life is perpetually difficult. We’ve all envied that one classmate that always manages to be wearing a shiny new outfit every day; meanwhile you’re wearing your grey trackies for the third day in a row and still haven’t finished that assignment. Never fear! Forte is here to tell you how you can afford to look good without having to break into your Europe savings.

Rule number one: Never ever buy anything-full price. Everything always goes on sale eventually. You might have to wait a little longer but the reward will definitely be worth it. Try on a bunch of things in store so you know what suits and what size you need, that way you can order everything online straight when they go on sale before anything sells out. Before a brand’s new season is released the current stock will go on sale to make room for new merchandise. Ensure that you are following all your favourite brands and stores on socials as well so that you can be the first to find out when things go on sale.

Op Shops
If you’re cash savvy, you’re more than likely a regular at your local op shop. Op shops are the best because there’s one in every town. There’s no need to make the trip into the city as there’s always an op shop around the corner. You have to be careful though; clothes are often at the op shop for a reason. There are a lot of rejected items to sort through but if you take your time you’ll definitely find a beauty. Even if you only find one item, if you visit the op shop regularly you’ll have a whole bunch of op shop finds before you know it!

Big brand names will generally have an outlet store to dump all their mass produced items. Outlets are often overlooked because they’re not always easy to get to, but they’re definitely worth the trip. Make sure you have a quick google to see if your fave brands have an outlet hidden somewhere, you’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised. Outlets hold all the clothes that didn’t sell in store so they’re always less than sale price. If you’re a sewing machine wiz, pick up things that are a little damaged, request a further discount and quickly fix it up when you get home. Outlets can sometimes be overwhelming so ensure that you don’t just put things in your basket because they’re cheap. Take your time to scout through all options, you’re bound to find that item you had your eyes on in stores a couple months ago.

One day I realised that more than half of my wardrobe had been purchased from local second hand markets. It turned out to be a wonderful thing because it meant that no one could copy my look and I didn’t even have to spend much. You can come home from a market with multiple bags full of clothes and easily spend less than $100. Markets are where the rich kids go to get rid of their clothes that they bought with dad’s credit card so that they can make room for the new season. The key to markets is to get there early. I’m talking bang on 6am. This way you can grab all the hidden gems before anyone else gets the chance. Bring lots of small cash so you don’t have to be that person that pays for a $4 skirt with a $50 note. Remember to try and barter a little, you’d be surprised with the bargains you can get away with!

Written by Chelsea King