Local multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Immy Owusu’s debut album LO-LIFE! is a masterclass

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Local multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Immy Owusu’s debut album LO-LIFE! is a masterclass

Press image by Joshua Maxwell De Hoog.
Words By Alex Callan

The debut album is a synthesis of his Ghanaian roots and his own experiences growing up in coastal Australia.

Immy Owusu may well be one of the most deserving word-of-mouth sensations that our region has seen in recent years.

His debut release, LO-LIFE! is an absolute masterclass of instrumentation, dynamically showcasing the Geelong-based musician’s multifaceted artistry alongside a meticulous balance of both synthetic and organic arrangements. 

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Crafting a wholly intoxicating style, Immy Owusu is without a doubt an artist to watch in 2023

Blending mellifluous mixes of jazz, psychedelia and African highlife, Immy’s self-described brand of ‘lo-fi highlife’ draws from a variety of influences, while delivering a healthy dose of originality, with his velvety smooth, self-effacing vocals and bilingual lyricism adding a uniquely enriching flavour that can only be described as individualistic. 

This is further strengthened by his all-star band, which features members of Karate Boogaloo, The Senegambian Jazz Band and Surprise Chef, who help to bring Immy’s magic to life.

And it really is magical— from the opening fanfare of Elevation to the methodical finger-picking and ethereal mono synth lines of What A Love, you’ll find yourself immediately mesmerised by Immy’s lush soundscapes. 

In other moments, Immy balances hand-percussive elements, highlife grooves and powerful harmonizations of electric and acoustic guitars alongside Twi lyricism and delicate vocal melodies (The World Is Here For You).

Sunsum Dware on the other hand, adds the swagger of distorted rock riffs and perfunct drum beats to help up the ante for the rallying calls of its successor, Nyame Kasa.

This album takes Immy’s creative process out of the computer and into a live format and showcases a new side to his sound. It really is a masterclass, delivering moments that even the best musicians in the world could learn something new from. 

LO-LIFE! is out now on Hope Street Recordings. Stream LO-LIFE! here