Local Film Festival Wants You

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Local Film Festival Wants You

Cut the shackles and let your imagination run free.
That’s the message to our local filmmakers from the curator of a new program hosted by the North Bellarine Film Festival.
Called the Animation + Experimental + Avant Garde film program, it is being curated by award-winning Portarlington-based filmmaker David King whose films EXIT and To The End Of Time featured in last year’s festival.
The program is calling for entries from local filmmakers who have until September 10 to get their works in.
With already half the program filled with mind-blowing works from Europe, Asia and the USA, King is encouraging local filmmakers to get involved and showcase their works as well.
“There aren’t many places in Australia for filmmakers to screen experimental or avant garde works these days so it’s a rare opportunity,” King says.
Films should be submitted in digital format. They can be from any year and up to 15 minutes in length, and best yet, there are no entry fees. It’s a win win.
“If your work is selected, you’ll be screening alongside some of the very best from overseas and interstate. Some of the animation work we have is just jaw-dropping.”
King said he wanted to dispel the myth that experimental and avant garde films were too hard for the average person.
“These works are entertaining, thought-provoking, eye-catching and totally amazing,” he says, “Boredom is not on the menu.”
The program will screen at Portarlington Neighborhood House on Sunday 18 November from 2pm – 4pm.
Local filmmakers should send video links (You Tube or Vimeo) of their works to davidkingmedia@yahoo.co.au
A trailer for the program will be released on the North Bellarine Film Festival’s Facebook page on August 15.