Local artist Jacklyn Foster launches radiant new collection ‘Orange Peel’

Local artist Jacklyn Foster launches radiant new collection ‘Orange Peel’

"This collection is a reminder to find the beauty in life, for it's always there."

Known for her big, bright, somewhat magical-looking abstract works, Mildura-born, Geelong resident Jacklyn Foster has just released a stunning new collection, taking a serious nod to her style of contemporary, fun and vibrant art.

Titled, the Orange Peel collection, the intuitive, mixed media abstract artist has brought an appetite for all things sweet, creating a fresh vibe to any home.

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The collection is made up of five original artworks, spanning ‘Happy You’re Here’, ‘I Had That Dream Again’, ‘Hey, Nice Butt’, ‘Citrus Dreams #1 (Blue flowers)’ and ‘Citrus Dreams #2 (Pink Flowers)’, features a fusion of abstract colours, with a recurring orange throughout.

The colour palette is quintessentially bright, with pastel hues teamed with orange, dark blues, and pops of bold colours, inspired by Jacklyn’s love for citrus, and the beautiful bold colours from both citrus and flowers.

Heavily influenced by the changing seasons in her life, as well as her relationships, people and emotions, Jacklyn’s intuitive style of painting means that her work can be varied in both technique and colour palette. Orange Peel is just that and more, reflecting the nexus of whimsy and joy.

“This collection truly encapsulated the new energy, creativity, and general good-life vibe that I’ve been feeling of late,” Jacklyn says.

“I feel like all the skills and techniques that make my art “me” have cohesively come together to create this collection. This collection is a reminder to find the beauty in life, for it’s always there. We just have to look.”

Through these vibrant works of art – created as part of an upcoming solo show – Orange Peel shows us a detailed perspective of the artist’s inner feelings, with art varied in size that is alive, textured and entirely fabulous. There is a joyful fluidity in her style, however the humour and lightness carries through all of her pieces, in this collection and beyond.

Creating primarily abstract, bold, still life pieces, we’re constantly impressed by her talent as she captures moments in time that often get overlooked and this collection is just a snippet of what this artist is capable of.

Having just moved into a new studio, with more room for big ideas and more room to create, recent projects has seen Jacklyn work on large scale art projects including “Me & Uoo Uoo” the Royal Children’s Hospital’s 150th anniversary, and the rare RSPCA’s 150th anniversary “Wombat in the room”.

Wildly talented, she also runs Abstract Art Workshops that empower others to embrace intuitive abstract artwork, her creative mentoring session with emerging, beginner and upcoming artists, sharing her knowledge and wisdom to help others in their journey.

A woman of many talents, she also hosts a podcast where she explores the many aspects of life as a creative, small business owner, as well as bringing the banter by chatting with various guests from all walks of life.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your space with botanicals and citrus in a bold and cheery design, or you’re just in need of a daily reminder to find the beauty in life, this collection promises to be a zesty addition to any home.

Orange Peel includes five original artworks reserved for Jacklyn’s solo show, however, there will be four limited edition prints of each available.

Check out her website here.