Local artist Fenn Wilson releases second single ‘Laying With The Bones’ from his upcoming 2023 album

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Local artist Fenn Wilson releases second single ‘Laying With The Bones’ from his upcoming 2023 album

Photo Supplied by: Brain Drain PR
Words By Jena Carr

Prepare your ears for Fenn Wilson's latest single launching at The Tote this Friday.

Fenn Wilson is captivating listeners once again with the release of his new single ‘Laying With The Bones’. The track utilises exceptional vocals alongside memorable instrumentals. It is the perfect second single to feature on his highly anticipated album, ‘Honey Dates Death/Ghazals’, which will be released early next year.

The Melbourne-based singer-songwriter creates a deeply emotional track dedicated to the passing of his father, Chris Wilson, a beloved Australian bluesman. 

“This song details the day of my father’s passing and the surreal experience of watching those closest to me share the day collectively but also uniquely,” Wilson explains.

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The track speaks to anyone who has lost a loved one before. The after-moments of grief are all too real in Wilson’s lyrics as he watches family members cope with his father’s loss in their different ways and not be able to help them as he feels numbed by his pain.

The upbeat music clashes with the melancholy lyrics as Wilson tries to understand his grief and the feelings of losing the ones we love.

As the music crescendos, the faster pace matches the lyrics perfectly. Wilson expresses the anger of his father getting taken away from him and how it has caused his family so much pain through the faster tempo and higher vocal tones. 

This track is an evolution of emotions with the lyrics and music matching perfectly, helping Wilson convey the feeling of loss and all the sensations that come from the aftermath of grief. The track follows the changing emotions of feeling an overwhelming sadness that eventually rolls into anger.

One of the most exciting parts of this song is the end. There are no lyrics, and the instrumental pace slows down to an almost stop as his anger subsides and he is left with his memories.

The guitar riff helps drive the song and portrays Wilson’s emotions fully in the track, arguably more than the lyrics themselves. 

Wilson uses his powerful and deep vocals in this song to convey his emotions about the loss of his father. The flowing instrumental track keeps the listener’s ears as his message of pain flows through this song and into the audience’s minds.

As his vocals change, it is like Wilson is letting out all his built-up anger to scream at the sky. Ultimately, this song masterfully shows the emotional process of grief and loss and his need to ‘find peace’ for his ‘heart’s sake’. 

Known for being an outstanding live performer, Wilson will launch the new single at The Tote in Collingwood this Friday, 15th of April. Make sure to secure your tickets via the oztix website and stream the song below.