Loathing the Creation

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Loathing the Creation

Loathing the Creation is a hard-hitting tour that brings together Abolishment of Flesh (USA), Tortured, Carnal (NZ), Horrendous Disfigurement (NZ) and Bane of Bedlam. Hailing from the High Plains of West Texas, Abolishment of Flesh was formed in 2008 by Ramon Cazares. In 2012 the band released the EP Decimation and performed as part of the Brutal Alliance Tour. The band would once again headline the event in 2013, which by then had grown into a five-week tour. Also taking place in 2013 was the release of their sophomore album, Creation to Extinction. According to their Facebook page, Abolishment of Flesh is a “concept of how we as humans are our own enemies and will be the eventual cause of our own demise”. The Barwon Club, Geelong – September 20.