Live Review: The iconic Pete Murray brings his very best to iconic Aussie venue

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Live Review: The iconic Pete Murray brings his very best to iconic Aussie venue

Shot by sabianlynch
Words by Chloe Waddell

Pete Murray took over The Forum to celebrate his first ever 'Best Of' album spanning the past 20 years.

Twenty years after the album release that sent Pete Murray to the top of the Aussie charts, the treasured singer-songwriter is touring to sell-out crowds on his Greatest Hits Tour. 

Pete Murray’s songs are firmly embedded in our music landscape, and his albums have impressively exceeded a million sales over his career. He has collected 17 ARIA nominations, has spent weeks at the very top of the charts, and his debut album, ‘Feeler’, stayed in the top 100 for two and a half years! With all of that said, it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t know some of his classics, like ‘So Beautiful’, or ‘Better Days’. These were just two of the many popular songs that Pete performed at the Forum on the 8th of July. 


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As the only scheduled Melbourne show of his tour, it is no surprise that the 18+ event sold out quickly.

Pete started his show with ‘Saving Grace’, performed with his harmonica and guitar right in the middle of the crowd. Afterwards he made his way to the stage, walking through his excited fans (with one even getting a hug on the way), to continue his set. For over 90 minutes, Pete Murray and his fervent bandmates performed hit after hit, including ‘Always a Winner’, ‘Opportunity’, ‘Sugar’, and ‘Bail Me Out’. Pete also performed ‘Ten Ft Tall’, a touching song he wrote about a friend who passed away from cancer. 

During ‘So Beautiful’, Pete was taken aback by the enormity of the audience’s vocals, so much so that he had everyone sing the chorus over, and over again. You know that it must sound good when the bandmates start filming mid-song! 

The iconic Forum was a beautiful setting for the gig, with its unique atmospheric theatre style giving you the illusion of taking in the music under the starry night sky (but, thankfully, without the harshness of a Victorian winter). It just makes sense for an iconic Aussie artist to play at an iconic Aussie venue. 

Taylor Sheridan, a singer-songwriter who grew up in rural Victoria, was the opening artist for the night’s show. Having previously opened for the likes of the Jane Barnes Band (featuring Jimmy and Mahalia Barnes), and Jon Stevens, Sheridan is no stranger to sharing the stage with big names of the Australian and New Zealand music industry. Singing a mix of originals as well as covers, like ABBA’s ‘SOS’, Taylor Sheridan certainly succeeded in his role of warming up the audience, getting everyone moving, singing, and clapping along.

The Greatest Hits Tour is far from over, and you can find tickets for an upcoming gig near you here

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