Little Creatures launches latest winter brew

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Little Creatures launches latest winter brew

Just as you might adjust your wardrobe when the temperature drops and the days get shorter, Little Creatures has recognised the need to produce different brews to match the seasons, and with beer lovers are setting down their Pale Ales, pulling on their jumpers and reaching for something a little darker, Little Creatures have fronted up with their new Winter Stout.

It follows the Norfolk Pine-apple Pale Ale inspired by the iconic trees that grow in Little Creatures’ home of Fremantle, and the East Side Pale Ale which explores Eastern culture with aromatic Cashmere hops and Osmanthus Fragrans tea for the annual GABS festival.

The latest brew to come out of the brewery in its 19th year, this limited-edition seasonal has been developed using a refined version of Little Creatures’ stout recipe in a bid to create the perfect dark beer to warm you up this winter.

Russ Gosling, Head Brewer at Little Creatures Fremantle said they are always experimenting to perfect brews as well as create new beers.

“We want people to take a sip and feel like they’re in a cosy London pub by a roaring fire. So, we’ve gone hoppier and amped up our signature Fuggle hops along with US Loral to get that noble, earthy, dark fruit quality with chocolate and roast to create a balanced, smooth stout,” Gosling said.

With perfect stout drinking weather well and truly here, Goslingh has shared some tips on how to pick (and drink) the perfect stout:

1. Red is the new black: you want your stout to be black but with a red tinge when you hold it up to the light.

2. Smoother than Bublé: the taste should be smooth, with rich chocolate, some roasted coffee notes and a hint of liquorice.

3. Keep it cool: always pour it into a glass and serve at 12°C.

4. It is better in pairs: make the most of your stout by pairing it with a crumbly blue cheese or aged Gouda.

5. Relax and savour: preferably in your PJs and uggs on a cold winter’s night.

Sounds like something we can definitely get around this winter.

Little Creatures Winter Stout is available on tap at select venues nationally and in store from leading retailers around the country.