Geelong’s Little Creatures is set to host board game championships on the reg

Geelong’s Little Creatures is set to host board game championships on the reg

Fire up the group chat and tell your crew it’s time for a games night.

Everyone loves a games night. Whether you’re doodling, drawing cards or moving your top hat around the board, games nights are a super fun way to bond with your friends or family while also burning about 817 different bridges in the span of an hour.

If you’re in search of a night that will satisfy your thirst for triumph over your friends and loved ones, then look no further, Little Creatures in Geelong have you covered.

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Giving locals a spot where you can yell out “YAHTZEE!” and still keep your dignity intact, the loved brewery is welcoming Board Game Championships to its beer hall on Wednesday night, with plans to continue the first Wednesday night of each month.

Coined ‘the ultimate showdown for board game lovers’, this Melbourne-based event is a knockout round tournament, putting a spin on your usual pub trivia night.

Featuring both card and party games, including the likes of Uno, Pictionary, Scattergories, Guess Who, Connect Four, and Snakes ‘n’ Ladders, the night features four rounds (and one cheeky practice round). The winner from each game progresses to the next round until the final match-up, to determine who is the Board Game Champion.

Besides bragging rights (very important), the winner will also walk away with their very own Board Game, a crown, a drink card and entry into the End of Year Champions Showdown, at which you can win $500 cash, another crown and a sash!!

Regardless of whether you’re a dabbler or an experienced board gamer, you’ll love this event – plus you get to drink beer at one of Geelong’s best venues, so what’s not to love about that?

The first event for 2022 is on Wednesday, January 5 and tickets are free.

It all goes down on the first Wednesday of the month at Little Creatures, Geelong. For more info or to book your spot, visit the Board Game Championships website.