Listen Out: Winfield

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Listen Out: Winfield

Hi Winfield! Thanks for chatting with Forte, how are you?
We are great thanks, and we hope you are doing well.

Your band name… An ode to your favourite darts?
Individually maybe not, but all around it’s agreed that they’re pretty sweet. The name however dates back to a joke our vocalist Rhys started in high school.

Tell us about your latest EP, Misled, sonically how does it translate into the punk genre and beyond?
Our EP is based on a solid punk foundation with some fast tunes and screamed vocals, but there are many other influences spread throughout that cover a whole variety of different genres, such as hardcore, British rock, and ambience.

You’re playing amongst a pretty cool alternative lineup at Karova- do you ever get inspired by other bands when writing?
We certainly do, this show we’re playing is headlined by our good friends Aburden, who are blowing up in the Melbourne scene, inspiring us to work harder and harder at our craft to achieve as much as possible. Also, of course, we take a lot of inspiration from all of our favourite bands as well, from popular names such as Paramore and Defeater, to smaller bands from Australia like Trophy Eyes and Hellions.

If you could wake up and be any other band/musician who would you be?
If we could wake up and be one musician, it would have to be Shannon Noll. Not only a ripper bloke but he also seems like he knows how to have a good time.

Anything else you’d like to say? Cheers!
Just if you haven’t already, download our EP for free on Bandcamp or check it out on spotify and keep an eye on our Facebook for some awesome stuff happening in the near future, oh and to keep safe. Cheers!

When and Where: Karova Lounge, Ballarat – March 17, 8pm