Listen out: Society of Beggars

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Listen out: Society of Beggars

With the release of a new EP, Forté chat to Melbourne four-piece rockers Society Of Beggars.

What does it feel like to have ‘An EP Called Night’ out in the world?
It feels great. We’ve been working towards this for a very very long time, and it feels like the most complete piece of work we’ve put out there and we’re all proud of it and intensely interested in people’s reactions which so far have been really good.

The EP is produced by legend Lindsay Gravina. What was it like working with him?
He told us a horror story of when he was working on the Living End’s first album, that he made their drummer at the time do so many takes that they had to drag him out half dead from the studio. So that scared the crap out of us, as it would anyone, but once we got in there we gelled incredibly well. He’s a true collaborator, not just someone who picks and chooses when he wants to get involved. There were times where we were sitting across from each other working out guitar parts both with guitars in hands. This EP has as much of his blood in it as ours for sure.

Your current EP tour is taking you to quite a few destinations. Is there a venue that you’re most looking forward to performing in?
We love going to new places and experiencing new things. There’s a couple of places we’ve never been before like Castlemaine and Warnambool so we’re very interested in checking those places out. Cherry bar is always great, and Adelaide is where were originally from, so it’s like a great big family reunion.

Society of Beggars have a great reputation for their live performances. Has their been any highlights or interesting experiences from the shows that you’ve done so far?
We recently played at the Phoenix at Canberra, and almost everything that could’ve gone wrong did. Yianni our singers voice was shot, there were feedback issues and I broke a guitar string in the last song. Despite all this we got through it because the crowd was so fired up and with us all the way, they pushed us energy wise and we gave it everything we could and it ended up being one of our most memorable shows.

Once the tour has wrapped up what’s next on the cards for the band?
Sleep. No more sausage and egg mc muffins. Ship Magic Alex (our main roadie and frothy extraordinaire) back to Adelaide, and then probably write a whole new batch of tunes and start this chaos machine up again.

Catch them at The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine on May 19, The Music Man Megastore, Bendigo on May 20, The Loft, Warrnambool on June 3 and Cherry Bar, Melbourne on June 9.