LISTEN OUT for… The Drools

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LISTEN OUT for… The Drools

Thanks for chatting with us today! Can you introduce yourself?

THE DROOLS are Tom Keady-bass, Ben Salmin-Guitar/vocals and Jake Coulter-drums.

A fairy god mother waves her wand and turns you into a famous band, which one would you be?

Pwwooaahh System of a Down.

Describe your current single.

Our new single is a rollercoaster of tempo changes, I’ve heard from a few people it is the four seasons of songs. If you’re into heavy bluesy drops and something to keep you guessing this is the song for you..

Where can we find it / See you play?

You can find it on triple j unearthed with a free download, and you can see us play at all music venues around Perth, cruising down south in a party bus and around Australia sometime next year!

If you as a person was a genre, what would it be?

I’m not too sure what genre sums up shitty banter and really lame personal jokes ahaha…

Famous last words?