Listen Out For…Quaint Attraction

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Listen Out For…Quaint Attraction

Hi! Thanks for chatting with Forte today! Can you introduce yourself?

Hey we’re Damian, Adam and Karl, and together we are Quaint Attraction, a three piece alternative rock band hailing from Adelaide. We are a bit of a mix of that well known Australian rock (think bands like Jet and Eskimo Joe), and those classic ’90s rock, grunge and punk influences like the Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Blink.

Describe your current EP

Our soon to be launched debut EP is probably the most exciting chapter in the history of Quaint Attraction! The “Made It On Your Own” EP has been entirely self recorded and produced, mostly in Damian’s bedroom. Whilst it has been an incredibly steep learning curve and a massive amount of work over the past 15 months, it gave us a lot of freedom in shaping how we wanted the songs to sound. The end result might not be perfect studio quality given our limited budget and experience, but it has definitely captured us and who we are as a band, and it’s an end product we couldn’t be more proud of.

Where can we find it / See you play?

We are holding an EP launch party in Adelaide on the 26th of August to formally launch our debut release, but it will be available earlier for streaming online. Check out our socials for all the details… We are definitely looking at playing more shows around the place to try and get these tunes out there.

A fairy god mother waves her wand and turns you into a famous band – which one would you be?

There are so many local and big famous acts that we admire, but you can’t help but admire what The Living End have done over their career. On top of being incredibly talented musicians these guys have this incredible ability to not only have their own unique sound, but to develop and transform over time. To be even a fraction as good as them when it comes to staying fresh whilst still sticking to your roots would be amazing.

Famous Last Words?

“What if I sing a song at the EP launch?” – Adam 2K16
(Let’s just say there is probably a good reason why drummers usually don’t sing).