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Hi! Thanks for chatting with Forte today! Can you please introduce yourself? 

Hey guys! It’s  Loren  Ryan here, I am an upcoming singer/songwriter from Tamworth! I live for performing, I’ve been travelling all along the east coast gigging for about three years now. In the last 12 months I have branched out as a solo artist and been in the studio recording my debut EP which released late February 2016 and made it to #6 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts!

Describe your current EP

My current EP includes five original tracks that each have their own flavour and different styles. It sits in the pop genre with hints of R&B overtones. My style of singing is very soulful and the lyrics are nothing but my truth of past and personal experiences.

Where can we find it / See you play? 

The Fight-EP is available on iTunes and Spotify, and you can see me perform in NSW over the next few months if you head to my Facebook page (“Loren  Ryan Music”) you can find the dates, times and places all listed!

A fan at a show invites you back to a crazy after party, but you know you need to be up  at 8am  – do you go to the party or home?

It would be extremely tempting especially if I am still buzzing from my performance! I would have to turn them down though if I have an early start – you’re only as good as your last performance so I make sure I’m always on fire every gig! So if that means turning down a cool party, it’s a no-brainer! Also my attitude towards parties is a lot like Alessia Cara’s…

Release: ‘Fight’ EP Out Now