LISTEN OUT: A Man Called Son

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LISTEN OUT: A Man Called Son

The music of A Man Called Son is the Melbourne-based project of singer/songwriter Simon J. The third A Man Called Son album, ‘No Maps’ is probably the clearest distillation so far of Pearlman’s vision. It is also an exercise in eclectic contrasts. We chat to Simon ahead of their show in Bendigo this weekend.

Hi Simon, describe your sound in five words:
Jangly, edgy, cynical, melancholy, street-wise (OK that might be six words).

Your new album ‘No Maps’ has a very rich, lyrical sound. What are some of your influences?
The Go-Betweens have always been a big influence. I was fortunate to see them live a few times before Grant McLennan’s untimely death. I also met Grant once – a very nice, genuine chap. Other influences include The Triffids, The Church, The Smiths and songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Paul Kelly.

What have been some of your highlights this year?
We’ve just finished a residency at the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar in North Melbourne which was a blast. We also launched our album at a brewery, always a personal ambition of the band. Tick that last one off the bucket list.

What’s next for A Man Called Son?

We’re aiming to do a single launch towards the end of the year, so stay tuned. I’d like to say it’s at another brewery, but probably not this time. You can’t overdo these things.

Anything you’d like to add?
You can hit us up on and stream our new album on

Where and when: MusicMan Bendigo, Sat October 21, 8 pm.