Lily Allen: Sheezus

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Lily Allen: Sheezus

We will finally get to here Sheezus the latest album by Brit superstar Lily Allen this weekend as she takes to the stage of Splendour and for some sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne. Admittedly, it’s taken a couple of listen to get into but this is a great album. The follow up to her previous album 2009’s It’s Not Me, It’s You and 2006’s Alright Still was always going to be a big task and on this release, we see some of the most intensive and personal lyrics of Allen’s career. After such a hiatus following the second album, the electro pop beats on ‘Hard Out Here’ and ‘Air Balloon’ the two main singles of this album make this well worth the wait.
The majority of this album has been described as ‘Bubblegum Pop’, and in mind describes the songs as having not much emotion yet, this is Allen’s heart on her sleeve and out there for the world to hear. It’s a different direction to her previous releases but still gets your toe tapping. The rollicking Piano accordian of ‘As Long As I Got You’, the fresh radio electro beats of ‘Air Balloon’ and ‘Silver Spoon’ make this an infectious album that you will have no trouble pumping at the traffic lights.
If you’re headed along to any of Allen’s Australian shows, you are lucky. This album is modern day Brit pop at it’s finest, and hopefully it’s not five years in the making for the next one. Nice work, Lily Allen, Nice work.
Out now via Parlophone Records
Written by Tex Miller