Life Just Got a Little More Wonderful in G Town

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Life Just Got a Little More Wonderful in G Town

Have you ever wondered if yoga was for you?
At Wonder yoga, they specialise in the experienced and the curious… so why not check it out?
Wonder is a brand-new yoga studio located in Geelong’s CBD. They have 55 classes a week, ranging from yin yoga vinyasa flow, barre, and their own
signature CrossFlow classes.
Using German technology to provide a world class heating system that nourishes your body on a cellular level and filtering their studio air with a constant stream of oxygen, to enliven your senses and ensuring the rooms remain fresh, light, and most importantly, invigorating, Wonder is definitely somewhere we recommend you trying.
Creators Sally Ferris and Richard Facer have spent a decade learning, travelling and exploring multiple versions of yoga, that they grew to realise that the common denominator in the various practices, was WONDER.
They found that no matter what style of yoga was being followed, that everyone was always filled with a sense of wonder.
You can find details about their classes on
Wonder is located on 128 Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220
Written by Chloe Cicero