Life by the Shutter – Sonya Gaidukova

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Life by the Shutter – Sonya Gaidukova

They say the best photographers are those that can capture an image overflowing with emotion, and for Sonya Gaidukova her photography is a clear example of that. Forte had a chat to Sonya about how she started out and what it’s like working as a photographer.
What first got you into photography?
I was always the one out of my friends to have a camera, but I never thought about it as a career. Now I look back it was always on my radar. I purchased my first SLR camera five years ago for my final year as a graphic design student, and then it sat in my cupboard for about a year until I started experimenting one day – and I haven’t looked back since.
Did you ever have people question your career choice?
I think if anyone questioned my career choices it was me. I’m not an indecisive person, but I like to have my options. That’s why I studied fashion design, graphic design and even tried to become a teacher at one stage! I finally found my way back to creativity, and photography is something I just fell into.
What’s an average day at All About Eve like?
As soon as I have my coffee fix and read through a dozen emails, my day officially begins. I not only work for All About Eve, but Jorge Clothing, St Goliath, Silent Theory and Lost Society just to name a few. My average day is either location scouting, updating blogs, photographing look books or shooting some amazingly good-looking models somewhere awesome!
Where do you get the ideas for your photos/shoots?
Coming up with new and exciting locations is by far the best part of working for a fashion company. We’ve photographed in old rundown homes, amazing retro apartments, cute little beachside cottages and abandoned schools.
I work closely with my marketing team to come up with the best locations for the style and feel of the shoot. I put together mood boards, and we are on our way!
Where’s your favourite spot in Geelong to take pictures?
It would have to be this amazing spot near Bells Beach. It offers so many different backdrops. There’s the ocean, red rock walls and moody sand dunes. Another spot would be an enchanting forest in Barwon Heads. It is simply breathtaking.
What do you love most about photography?
Photography isn’t just a job. It means everything to me. I invest 90 per cent of my day into photography. By day I am a fashion photographer and by night and most weekends I am a wedding photographer.
I love the feeling I get when I know I’ve captured something the subject is unaware of, the goose bumps when I see the bride get into her dress, the ‘Woo Hoo’ moment when I nail the shot, and so many more others.
What’s it like running your own photography business?
It is many things: fulfilling, challenging, a balancing act, rewarding, time-consuming and a huge learning curve.
How long has Slanted & Enchanted and Enchanted Wedding Photography been going for?
I started Slanted and Enchanted five years ago now, and Enchanted Wedding Photography has been a gradual growing baby of mine since 2012.
To see what all the fuss is about or to admire her wonderful images, ‘like’ Sonya’s Facebook (sgaidukovacreative) or visit her website (
Written by Amanda Sherring. Photo by Sonya Gaidukova