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LEWES are a hardworking 6 piece, based in Hobart. They have had a very big year and 2015 looks to be even bigger for the band who just brought in the New Year with a slot at the Falls Festival, Marion Bay. We spoke to Tim Bird ahead of their Victorian Tour.
Hi guys, thanks so much for taking the time to chat to Forte, what are you up to at the moment?
Relaxing. The last few weeks have caught up with us for sure. Between long showers and group yoga sessions we have it all set until our tour next week.
If you were to describe your style of music beyond, ‘post-rock’ how would you describe what people can expect from LEWES tracks?
Bass drops, a heap of them. We try to incorporate whatever feelings we have into our sound, being from a heap of musical backgrounds it makes putting different parts together real interesting at times. We are yet to have me spitting rhymes but that remains to be seen.
2014 was a huge years for you guys, releasing your debut EP, ‘Equinox’ how and where did you record and how have you found the response to date?
Equinox was mixed and mastered by Jake Long at Red Planet Studios. The response has been beautiful with some radio spots and online response. Also managed to get it down as one of ABC Radio’s Album of the Week. Pub crowds always insist there should be at least one Bon Jovi cover on it though…
You have toured pretty solidly throughout the year also, including a few great festival slots including Falls Festival in Marion Bay, how was that?
We enjoy all of our shows because they never start and end the same. It’s cool to do our own thing in front of people that just didn’t come prepared; we’re either throwing shapes or falling off stage. Either way’s fine. Falls was intense though…
You also supported the likes of Delta Riggs, how did you enjoy supporting such bands and what were some of your favourite shows of 2014?
There’s a heap of highlights from all shows to be honest. I imagine my personal favourite was a Halloween show where we came as zombie wiggles. The band was a six piece then so we had to have two red guys. Any show with face paint or glitter has ended positively.
You are about to embark on a four-date tour through Victoria and Adelaide, what are you most looking forward to from these?
New friends. Good times. We’ve got a heap of dudes on the tour that we’ve played with before, and we’ve never been to a heap of the towns so the trip will be total vacation. Ten days in a van will be interesting though, real messy.
What can a fans expect from these upcoming shows?
Everything we look to expect! We both are as much of the experience as another. But that’s all just hippy talk.
Any other news you have for us?
Yes. Party Time. Excellent!
When&Where: The Toff in Town, Melbourne 14th Jan, Beavs Bar, Geelong 15th Jan, The Loft, Warrnambool 16th