Leo Sprayer’s Big Tickle Bash

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Leo Sprayer’s Big Tickle Bash

It’s just the kind of thing where your grandma would get a little loose.

It is Leo Sprayer’s Big Tickle bash, and all your favourite local talent will be there. We’re talking Orb, The Living Eyes, The Underhanded, Von Stache, Jelly Mammoth, Mosaicz, Fin Fright, Phlow, Fezz, Aya Aya, Chook and Moluck, Johnny El Pajaro, David Jones Experience, Paleo Disco, Wallet Inspector, Merv, Ant Fade DJs and Blackwave.

If you need a breather from the main event, the front bar will be serving up Nirvana all night long, courtesy of Dave Fazz and The Side Effects. The Barwon, Geelong – June 12.

Please note that tickling of bands and DJs will not be tolerated. Your attempts at humour are not humourous.