Lennon: Through a Glass Onion Q&A

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Lennon: Through a Glass Onion Q&A

A fan of creating an intimate setting with his audience on stage, John Waters, is doing just that in his show Lennon: Through a Glass Onion set to hit Geelong and Bendigo later this month.
Hi John, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I’m finishing off a great season at the Edinburgh Festival, then coming back for some gigs in Australia.
It’s well known that you’ve got a highly impressive back catalogue of work you’ve achieved, how does Lennon: Through a Glass Onion compare to the rest?
To have come up with a show that affects people emotionally as well as entertaining them, and to have the copyright for everything in that show, has been a great journey, and has truly highlighted my career. I’m glad Stewart and I started it.
You’ve done the role for a little while now, what do you love about the show?
I really love a close, intimate feeling in a theatre. And I’m at my happiest as a performer when I’m singing and playing great songs, and imparting something extra with the spoken word. It’s a Perfect formula.
Did it take much research on your behalf, to really understand and get into the mind of John Lennon?
What I do is fairly interpretive; it’s my take on John Lennon. I try to get into his mind through opening up my own. It isn’t really an exercise in exact duplication.
What kind of influence did John Lennon have in your life (musically or otherwise)?
All the Brit-rock movement of the ’60s influenced me greatly, and still does.
Who would be another musical icon you’d love to represent?
Not really sure if I want to do more similar things. I already do a set of Jacques Brel songs in French, which has toured for a while. If I could just get Aussie audiences to open up to something ‘foreign’, I’d do it again.
In the show you work alongside Stewart D’Arrietta, are you able to do the show with your eyes closed now?
I probably could, but it wouldn’t be great to watch!
What’s it been like working with Stewart?
Like hanging onto the box-car of a runaway train and going along for the ride.
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
I wouldn’t claim to be wise, but I know one thing: if you don’t do something, you’ll never know what it’s like. A full life is impossible without a degree of risk-taking.
When & Where: GPAC, Geelong – September 10 & Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo – September 13