Legs Electric: Two Sides

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Legs Electric: Two Sides

Perth rock goddesses Legs Electric are back to blow your mind with their second EP, ‘Two Sides’ with their infectious, hook driven, toe tapping rock n’ roll that appeals to a wide audience.
Two Sides opens with ‘Dark Paradise’ the first single from this EP, and it is a killer track. You can hear those 70s influences shining through with that ‘Edge of Seventeen’ chugging guitar riff and fantastic smokey Stevie Knicks like vocals. The second track “Wanna Riot” is another of my favourites, and is indeed as the name suggests upbeat with interesting, energetic riffs.
Next is ‘Shine Right Through’ a slower track but with a harder hitting chorus complete with funky rhythms that dip and dive. ‘Strange Addiction’ has a steady rhythm and catchy hook, complete with ‘ooh-oohs’ and playful licks. The last song of the EP is ‘Kingdom’ a strong track with attitude, catchy lyrics and backing vocals you’ll want to belt along to, a nice end to the EP.
From listening to this EP and seeing them live first hand I can say they are all insanely talented musicians that complement each other well, coming together to create a bohemian rock powerhouse.
Add this EP to your playlist on rotation, I know I have, and see these ladies live before they take on the world.
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Reviewed by Lauren McKinnon