Leaving on a Jeff plane…

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Leaving on a Jeff plane…

He is from England. He is in his fifties. He has been centre stage in his birthday suit with fireworks clenched in his derrière. He is Jeff Green.

It is that time of year, not for fireworks clenched in your derrière, but for comedians to roll in to town. Jeff now lives in Melbourne and has a new show that is aptly named ‘Letters Home’. It is based off an old radio show that aired in England from the 1940’s through to the 1980’s. His show delves into the open, honest and categorically entertaining e-mails he has written to his Mum since making the move to Australia back in 2009 and naturally, when you send an e-mail, you receive a response.

Enter Jeff’s Mum. Let’s call her, well let’s call her by her name, Mrs. Green. Although Mrs. Green misses her favourite son (Jeff’s words), she understands that Jeff has his own family down under now. A family he provides for. As Jeff found out early on in his move to Australia, it is hard to settle in. Even the smallest problems seemed large. How does one go about purchasing a jacket for the Victorian weather? In England, it’s cold, wet, dreary, miserable, snowy and raining most of the time. It is picturesque, but still, finding a jacket is simple. A rain jacket will cover you for all forms of inclement weather. In Australia, when you have to figure out whether it will be raining, hailing, forty degrees, storms, gush of hot wind, gush of cold wind, drought, pancake eating type of day, sausage devouring day at the hardware store and you need extra pockets to store snags for the family banquet. How do you survive the manic mayhem inside your own mind when obtaining a jacket for Victoria? You go to ALDI.

Whilst Jeff is contemplating his new adventure, he communicates with his Mum from the other side of the world. They discuss ailments, elections, family holidays, his stand up career (her thoughts about his fancy lifestyle) and life changing and life saving moments in the last ten years.

He grows as a person, a father, a comedian and a son. He makes new friends. Jeff Green’s ‘Letters Home’ is nostalgic as you recall moments in your own life you may have forgotten. It is full of laughter. The crowd that had people from Italy, Austria, Scotland and sunny Geelong were pulled in for an hour of moments that had them crying with laughter. Jeff’s quick wit was flying high when conversing with those who were born abroad.

Jeff left the Chemical Engineering world and took a chance on comedy and Australia. He never thought he was a wordsmith. He shows that no matter your age, country of birth or your thoughts on your capabilities, anything is possible if you give it a go.

If there is something you have wanted to do for quite some time, do it. Give yourself a chance and give this show a viewing whilst you are at it. A great night. A great laugh.

Remember it’s not what you do that you’ll regret, it’s what you don’t do.

With all the euphoria backstage, John Denver’s song ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’ played over the speakers out front. A fitting finish to the evening.

You can still catch the show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 21. Tix via comedyfestival.com.au | Ph: 03 9245 3788

Jeff Green: Letters Home
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Swiss Club, Melbourne – Monday April 1 2019
Written by Sam Young