Leah Senior’s ‘The Music That I Make’: A Captivating Dive into Intimate Songwriting

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Leah Senior’s ‘The Music That I Make’: A Captivating Dive into Intimate Songwriting

Words by Alex Callan

Leah Senior is embracing vulnerability and unconstrained artistry.

There’s a certain intimacy to Leah Senior’s music. It transcends just being a voice through a speaker, instead evoking the feeling that she’s sitting directly in front of you performing her songs. On her fourth effort, it’s a quality that’s quite evident, with Senior’s atmospheric vocals and unassumingly pensive lyrics cutting right through as she navigates vulnerable meditations on what it means to create.

And this time around, her lyrics couldn’t be more noticeable, with Senior stepping away from the springtime baroque-pop arrangements of 2020’s The Passing Scene for more of a bedroom folk sound, allowing her adept songwriting and resolute vocals to take centre stage as she explores the trials and tribulations of her time in the music industry. 

As asserted in the album’s title track ‘The Music That I Make’, “I get put out by the music business / But I’m grateful to the people who come along and listen / I’m getting older and I’ll never stop.” In other moments, the ‘Clearest View’ sees Senior discuss imperfections in the eyes of others, ceasing criticisms with acknowledgements that “I’m a daisy, imperfect daisy in the sun.”  

It’s Senior in her most unyielding form – and she doesn’t care if it’s not for everyone, with The Music That I Make making it abundantly clear that she’s an artist who doesn’t bother trying to fit into a crowd, she just wants to create music that makes her happy.

Label: Poison City Records
Release date: 18 August