Lauren Glezer

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Lauren Glezer

It wasn’t all that long ago that Lauren Grazer found herself trekking through India. As travel can often do, her heart and soul was opened to a calling. For Lauren, that was music. Come with us now and share in her journey.
Hi Lauren, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte. How are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Thanks for chatting to me! I just returned from filming Balcony TV in Sydney yesterday and currently I’m in sunny Canberra for a few days, which is really lovely. I have been very busy with the launch of my EP Searching for Tall. I’ve had lots on with all of it.
It was really sweet of you to dedicate the track ‘This Living’ to your dad. Has he been a big supporter in what you do?
Oh thank you. He has been an incredible support as well as being an all-round amazing man. I can really count on him for everything – hugs, love and of course money (when it’s been a tough month).
I think it is a greater dream of his than mine that I become a famous musician. He supports me all the way, in every way. My mum is amazing, too. My dad seems to get the spotlight though because I wrote the song about him.
The clip focuses on businessmen in suits. Do you think you could ever work in a corporate job?
Hahaha! Not if my life depended on it. I tried to work in an office a year or so ago – I think I lasted one week. I am really learning that some people are built for offices and others are born to run free in fields.
What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?
Writing poems or working with people in some capacity. I’m considering becoming a teacher so I can have a desk with a red apple on it and write songs about the fact that I have a desk with a red apple on it.
You’ve said that your EP is about self-discovery. Since creating the release, do you now feel comfortable in who you are?
Wow, great but scary question. Yes and no. I think the more we search, the more we find. So for those that are brave enough to search, things can get more difficult before they get comfortable. However, I will say I’ve developed a mean tool belt to help me through the tough times … and I really think that’s how we become more comfortable within ourselves.
There’s quite a lot of emotive content in your songs. Do you ever get emotional playing them live?
You noticed my songs are emotional? I was sure I kept that way under wraps – haha, kidding! For sure, I get emotional playing them. Usually when they are newer songs or the person I have written the song about is sitting in the audience. Now that can be confronting!
You are known for being an honest performer. Will we see this side of you at the Breslin Gallery gig?
If I turn up to a gig that side of me will too. She follows me everywhere I go – both a blessing and a curse. I believe music is a tool for us to share our experiences honestly and create more joy in the world. By being ourselves and connecting honestly, all relationships become more harmonious (including the one we share with ourselves).
Thanks again for taking the time to chat. Is there anything you’d like to add before we finish up?
Thank you! I love a good interview. I guess I would just like to express my gratitude to anyone that is listening to my music and supporting us musicians in general. You rock!
When&Where: The Breslin Gallery – November 9