Lauren Glezer: Searching for Tall

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Lauren Glezer: Searching for Tall

Lauren Glezer simply has one of those voices. A voice that makes you listen, is hard to come by but is so wonderful when you do. And if it weren’t for an illness Lauren got struck down with while travelling India, it’s unlikely you’d have come across it.
‘This Living’ is a gentle, soothing song that tells the tale of someone caught up in living life the way they think they should. Lauren’s vocals soar across a simple mixture of piano, guitar and strings.
Two songs into Lauren’s debut EP and you’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard her name or country/folk tunes. Regardless of why you’re only hearing her now, be thankful that you now know her name.
Title track ‘Searching for Tall’ does come across a little bit like one of those pop ballads you’d hear in the ‘90s, though don’t let the intro mislead you as this track delivers a incredibly raw and uplifting side of Lauren.
Listening to her debut there’s a great deal of intimacy that comes across, ‘Not the One’ is another clear example of this but isn’t the only instance. If you find yourself contemplating life and appreciating the smaller things in life, then Lauren’s EP should be on your list.
By Amanda Sherring