Lastlings: Unreality

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Lastlings: Unreality

Dark and moody from the beginning, brother and sister duo Joshua and Amy Dowdle – otherwise known as Lastlings – bring us a spacious and smooth debut EP. From their second track, ‘Another Way’, Amy Dowdle’s vocals capture you, drawing you into their world.

Unreality feels like the ending to a night and the perfect beginning to a morning all at the same time. With slow and relaxed beats, Lastlings takes you on a journey, as each song weaves into one another – like you’re floating through their sound scape. They’re the kind of songs that, as the name suggests, make you want to leave reality behind. It’s easily an EP that you want to listen to with your eyes closed while you stay in bed and escape into the songs. The Lastlings siblings know their way around a good track, and deliver them throughout the EP.

A favourite is ‘Wavelength’, a track that captures the spacious feel of the EP. With a more upbeat feel, it perfectly balances out the mood of the EP and is a well placed transition into the last two tracks. If their Unreality EP is anything to go by, we can expect good things from Lastlings.

Reviewed by Claire Rosenberg