Larry Maluma: Ndakondwa (I’m Happy)

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Larry Maluma: Ndakondwa (I’m Happy)

Shades of Bob Marley, Yothu Yindi and Santana are all present within Larry Maluma’s eleventh studio effort Ndakondwa (I’m Happy). Like smooth Jamaican rum, throughout all of the tracks on the album are many stories explored through both English language and Maluma’s native tongue.
The most positive element to this album is that it works in both loud and quiet moments. Whether you’re holding a house party and need to bring the beats or if you’re in downtime and relaxation mode, these songs have many elements of light and shade and spread a positive message throughout the lyrics.
The highlights for me are either the opener ‘I Can See a Rainbow’ or ‘Light Up My Fire’, which celebrates the true reggae musician lifestyle. If you are a reggae nut or like funky guitar lines, look no further.
Release: Out now via Safari Music
Written by Tex Miller