Lanie Lane

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Lanie Lane

“I’m passionate about people’s freedom. Freedom of speech, but freedom of the heart first and foremost.” Three years on from her stunning debut To the Horses, Lanie Lane’s conviction is stronger than ever. Night Shade (out through Ivy League, Oct 24) is the record she was destined to make – and she can’t wait for you to hear it.
“Night Shade was recorded almost a year ago now!” Lanie revealed, clearly excited to be chatting about her latest undertaking. “I’m feeling really positive that things are moving along with the release and that we’re heading out on the road soon.”
Her highly anticipated road-trip kicks off at the end of the month, starting at The Corner Hotel, followed by five dates across the country. “To start with we just want to see how things roll, but I’m definitely keen to play as much as possible.”
Joining her around Australia are loyal bandmates and buddies Belkner (whirlitzer, rhodes and backing vocals), Billie McCarthy (backing vocals), Aidan Roberts (guitar), Tim Keegan (electric bass) and Paul Derricott (drums and percussion). “We’re all really good mates and we back each other completely,” Lanie smiled.
“It will be great to have such good friends out on the road. I wouldn’t want to have a session band with me. These guys understand emotionally where the songs have come from. When we play music together we’re all connected and those feelings come through.”
Adding to the intimacy of Night Shade is the role that Lanie’s partner/musician Jez Mead took on as co-producer. Jez also played guitar and trumpet on the record, and Lanie acknowledges that his contribution was invaluable during the creative process. “He was with me all the way,” she cooed. Clearly theirs is a solid partnership.
These eleven tracks were written at her secluded country home in rural Victoria (a sanctuary, in juxtaposition to the nomadic life of the touring artist she has become) and highlight a young woman’s journey to find courage, truth and self-belief.
Inspired by the tranquil surrounds, but armed with a desire for someplace new, Lanie and her love pulled up stumps, guitars in hand, and moved up north not far from where the brunette beauty grew up on the Central Coast of NSW.
“Forgotten Valley Studios is beautiful and it has a house attached called The Grove. We got all the band together and basically set up in the house and recorded there. It was incredible – the listening booth and mixing desk is out the back of the studio,” Lanie explained. “We would all listen and at the end of the day watch the sun go down, which was beautiful.
“I enjoyed everything about my album – the way we put it together, choosing the song order. It was really important for us to get that right, to give the album the feel of a real journey.”
A part of that journey was the resolve to push herself beyond her boundaries. “I really challenged myself on this record with my guitar playing – I started using a wah pedal, too. I’ll enjoy doing something different at the live shows, but I better get practising – I’ve been a bit slack!” she giggled.
When&Where: The Corner – October 29
By Natalie Rogers