Lambys is slinging takeaway Mario Karts and Juddys for the weekend as nightclubs remain closed

Lambys is slinging takeaway Mario Karts and Juddys for the weekend as nightclubs remain closed

For those of you missing your #lambyssesh.

The return of rules and restrictions put in place due to COVID-19 have left us missing many things, but a couple of bevvies and a dance with the crew at Lambys would have to be at the top of the list. It was only two weeks ago that we could enter bar bathrooms, throwback multiple Mario Karts, and dance to Mr Brightside as it came on for the 14th time in one night.

While restrictions ease from tonight in regional Victoria, a maximum of 50 people only are allowed into licensed venues at any one time, and they must be seated, making it pretty impossible nightclubs to operate for the time being. While cafes, restaurants and pubs can certainly operate, the region has already been inundated with bookings for the weekend (which is so good for local business).

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After a week off the dancefloor (and potentially many to come), the Lamb fam has introduced takeaway Mario Karts and Juddys once again for ya’ll who have been missing the Lambys sesh just a little too much and might have missed out on a dinner/drinks booking for the weekend.

For just $35 you’ll be able to get your hands on a 700ml Bottle of Mario Kart Magic and two 250ml Red Bull cans as mixers; and for $30 you’ll be able to nab a bottle of Juddy which is ready to be poured over ice.

Orders will be ready to pick up from our pals at Edge Geelong between 9am-5pm this Friday and Saturday, or delivery is available for $10 to selected suburbs only.

To truly recreate an authentic Lambys experience, we recommend saving this for a Sunday night, popping Mr Brightside on repeat and switching to ‘Aeroplane mode’ for that classic Lambs lack of reception.

You can find these glorious packs via the Lambys website.

⁠Sorry kids, you MUST be 18+ to purchase these babies.