Lambys is celebrating its 21st birthday with a mega three-day marathon of Lambys greats, Mario Karts and free entry

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Lambys is celebrating its 21st birthday with a mega three-day marathon of Lambys greats, Mario Karts and free entry

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Lambys is bringing the good vibes, unlimited Mario Karts and great tunes to the iconic underground bar for a blockbuster three-day party to celebrate its 21st birthday.

Many Geelong residents have spent their 21st birthday partying their way around the deep underground nightclub that is Lambys Tavern. Plenty of us have spent many wild nights out around the milestone date hopping between the downstairs dancefloor, the rave cave and the upstairs mosh, prolonging the merriment for as long as possible, in fact. It’s a G-Town rite of passage.

Now it’s Lambys turn, with the venue hosting a huge three-day marathon this month to celebrate hitting the big two-one.

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“I’ve been going here more than 21 years” “Lambys has been around since the 90s”… we hear you.

While the venue itself is steeped deep in the fabric of Geelong’s history, located underground in that iconic 1870s bluestone building for many years operating as a bar named Lambys, it wasn’t until January 2001 that a true legend was born when the venue was taken over by hotelier Darren Holroyd, the cornerstone of the city nightclub industry at the time.

And while Holroyd and his Geelong Cats legend business partner Cameron Ling are no longer at the helm of this venture (with Dominic Tripodi and Lascombe Pty Ltd. running the iconic ship), it was the new ownership and bold new vision 21 years ago that marked the beginning of the ‘Lambys Tavern’ that we know and love today.

The birthplace of the famed Mario Kart. The home of the Sunday Session. The only place where it was deemed appropriate to smash out Jessie’s Girl until the light of death hits you in the face at close. The place where bouncers and bartenders became friends and the strangers in the bathroom solved all your problems. Lambys is where you’d share a conversation and a drink with the Cats players (or witness Lingy singing You’re The Voice) and lineup to meet the Geordie Shore mainstays. The only place where you’d have no reception and stick to the floor without a second thought.

Becoming the go-to destination to throwback multiple Mario Karts, and dance to Mr Brightside as it came on for the 14th time in one night, the last 21 years have seen Lambys build a strong reputation for providing awesome nights out, host local and international entertainment, become home to thousands of celebrations, serve up a fair share of drinks at the bar, kindle lifelong friendships and relationships, and ignite very fond but hazy memories.


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There’s no doubt, the last 21 years have been massive for Lambys, but life doesn’t start getting real until you turn 21. Shouldering greater responsibility, you don’t get away with as many things as you used to – adulthood has truly begun.

To celebrate the jump from juvenility, Lambys is pulling out all the stops this month for a three-day party of larger-than-life proportions.

Running from Friday, August 12 to Sunday, August 14, Lambys’ 21st Birthday will be presenting a lineup of Lambys legendary bands from years gone by. One of the best things about Lambys has and always will be the live cover bands; the bands who belt out every classic you forgot you loved. Bit of Oasis, Matchbox Twenty, Sneaky Sound System—you know you love it guys, don’t deny it.

With such a milestone to celebrate, Geelong’s pre-eminent watering hole will welcome Test Pilot Molly on Friday, Bedrock on Saturday AND Good Faces 4 Radio on Sunday. Iconic right?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hitting up Lambs on a weekend, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve torn up the D-Floor to one of the Lambys greats. They love, we love, and they love that we love it.

“Lambys has been an institution for so many years,” Lee Harding and Bedrock tell us.

“Bands love playing at Lambys because it’s the ultimate gig filled with a massive party atmosphere and amazing staff. We have been blessed to have been playing there for so many years and can’t wait to say THANK YOU by smashing out a massive gig for Lamby’s 21st Birthday!”

Ensuring the vibes are pumping all night long – every single night – Lambys is also putting on an epic lineup of local DJs legends who will be packing in the tunes with the bands. You’ll hear from the likes of Dozza, Boden Mugridge, Hunter Bourke, Daniel Townsend, Agile, Shorty J and Wilso, with some hitting the decks multiple times across the weekend.

In between belting out ‘Don’t Stop Believin” and ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, knocking back a ‘Jam Donut or a ‘Quick Fuck’ and partying with Chops, you can also make the most of an epic photo booth (to make sure you remember this time ’round), indulge in throwback drink specials and take advantage of FREE ENTRY before 10pm each night.

Add in a few (too many) Mario Karts, no reception and a couple of Lambys laps, and it’s a party fit for any Lamb.


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In toast of all the good times we’ve had and great times on the way at this Geelong institution, we say cheers to 21 years of never Lambing alone!

Lambys 21st birthday goes down from August 12 – August 14 2022. You can find out more here